International Journal of Innovative Studies in Sociology and Humanities

ISSN : 2456-4931

Volume-3 Issue-10

Ethics, Medical Malpractices and Islamic Solution

Dr. Ali Mohammad Bhat

Analysis of Consumer Perception on Factors Affecting Loan Repayment: Empirical Study on HDFC Bank, Solan (H.P.)

Anjali, Kajal Chaudhary, SurjanSingh, Sukhdeep Kaur, R. Ravi

Book Review ’Sejarah Ideologi Dunia: Kapitalisme, Sosialisme, Komunisme, Fasisme, Anarkisme, Anarkisme Dan Marxisme, Konservatisme ‘ (Indonesian Version)

Dr. Uqbah Iqbal

Women Workers in Garments Factories in Karnataka: Issues and Challenges

Dr. Suresha. K P

Performance Appraisal: Tool of Employee Performance

Sukhdeep Kaur, Kajal Chaudhary, Surjan Singh, Anjali, R. Ravi

An Empirical Study on Socio-Economic Conditions of Women Domestic Workers in Tamil Nadu, India

Mrs. S. Thilaka, Dr. S. Seethalakshmi

Epistemology without Intuition

Manhal Hamdo

Alteration in Climatology and Its Exigency in Conserving the Archaeological Sites in Tamilnadu

Dr. E. Iniyan

Impact of Armed Conflict on Interpersonal Adequacy of Adolescents

Dr. Shazia Manzoor

Household and Village – Level Impacts of MGNREGS on Governance and Development at the Grassroots: A Conceptual Framework

Dr. Sonkhogin Haokip, Sivakumar. D

A Conceptual Framework on Catalytic Role of Non-governmental Organization towards Women Entrepreneurial Ventures

Mr.Suresh, Dr. M. Indira