International Journal of Innovative Studies in Sociology and Humanities

ISSN : 2456-4931

Volume-3 Issue-2

The Aegis of the Madonna Archetype Inoculates Dysfunctional Social Behavior: She Who Must Not Be Named

H. Dean Buttram, Wade C. Mackey

Immigration in Assam during Colonial Rule: Its Impact on the Socio- Economic and Demography of Assam

Bishwajit Sonowal

An Empirical Study of the Intercorrelation among Various Global Equity Markets to Develop a Diversified Worldwide Equity Index Based Portfolio

Prof. Nandip Vaidya, Dr. Akshay Damani, Ms. Simran Mehrotra, Mr. Abhigyan Saikia, Ms. Sneha Rai

Microfinance for Self-Help Groups Promote Women Empowerment

Dr. S. Tamilarasi, Ms.. V. Renuka

Implementation of RTE Act a Case Study of Two Gram Panchayats in Karnataka

Dr. R. Praveen, Padmashree. R. P