International Journal of Innovative Studies in Sociology and Humanities

ISSN : 2456-4931

Volume-3 Issue-9

Theoretical Reflections on Causes and Effects of Mental Illness in the Nigerian Society

Nwankwo, Ignatius Uche

Economic Sociology & Theoretical Differences in Wealth, Reports from Econometric Tests of Differences in Non-linear Regression Coefficients, Using National Samples from the US Census Historical Statistics, 1850–1870

James Edward Curtis Jr

Trends of Gender Parity and Women Education in India

Sanjib Kumar Roy

A Study on Indian Teachers’ Roles and Willingness to Accept Educational Technology

Arnab Kundu

Age at Menopause and Reproductive Factors in Kerala Society

Dora Dominic

Analysis of Consumer Perception on Credit Appraisal Process: An Empirical Study on HDFC Bank, Solan (H.P.)

Anjali, Kajal Chaudhary, SurjanSingh, Sukhdeep Kaur, R.Ravi

Prostitution and Its Adverse Effects on Nigerian Society

Nnatu, Stella

A Comparative Study of Thinking Style of Art and Science College Students

Dr. Mamta Sharma

A Study on “Performance Appraisal System” and Its Consequences on Work Productivity in Hindustan Computers Limited (HCL) Technologies, Chandigarh, India

Sukhdeep Kaur, Kajal Chaudhary, Surjan Singh, Anjali, R. Ravi

Framing Genetically Modified Food Controversy: A Textual Analysis of Quotations Used in Indian Print Media from 2008 to 2012

N. Praveen Kumar

Impact of Educational Interventions on Disaster Preparedness and Management among Nurses

Nahomi Ezhilarasi, Dr.K.Jothy