International Journal of Innovative Studies in Sociology and Humanities

ISSN : 2456-4931

Volume-4 Issue-7

A Study on Customer Satisfaction towards Flipkart

S.Sudheer, Sk. Fayaz

A Study on Assets Management in Mutual Funds with Reference to HDFC Mutual Fund

M. S. Kishan Varma, G. Vinuthna, R. Ahalya

Physical Activity, Body Culture and Safety of Learning: A Systematic Review in Physical Education

Chawki Derbali, Fathi Matoussi, Ali Elloumi

Nazism and Sport: The Dangers of Art Aesthetics

Dr. Daniel Shorkend

Sankha Shilpa (Conch Shell Industry) in an Urban Area of West Bengal: An Ethnographic Study

Sukanya Datta, Dr. Abhijit Das

The Impact of Cultural Environment and Extra-Curricular Activities towards Students’ Education

Polina Pine, David Velasquez, Liudmila Ivanovna Paina

Hybrid1 and (Post) Human Bodies in J .K. Rowling’s Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Anupom Kumar Hazarika

Beauty and Culture: The Effects of Beauty Perception on Cultural Assimilation

Daniel Velasco

Effects of Continuous Training Programme on Serum Lipids and Lipoproteins of Young Female Adult University Students in Nigeria

Abdul Mohammed

Can the Mythical Heroine Sita Still Be Taken as Role Model in the Contemporary Society?

Sunu Kalita