International Journal of Innovative Studies in Sociology and Humanities

ISSN : 2456-4931

Volume -7 Issue-12

Evaluation of the Urban Expansion of the Constantine Metropolitan Area Through Landsat Remote Sensing Combined with Landscape Metrics


The Problem of Population Distribution in the Province of Constantine (Algeria) and Field Reorganization

Farah Mohamed Ikbal, Dr. Meharzi Mohamed Kamel Eddine

The Performance of the Urban System Face of the Industrial Risks Case Study the Old Downtown of Skikda City

Ghani Boudersa, Tayeb Sahnoune , Atef Ahriz, Soufiane Fezzai, BELARBI Lakhdar

Investing in the Activation of the System of Expanding the Producer’s Responsibility in Algeria: “Eco-Jem” An Added Value to the National Economy

Dr. Benazzouz Aisha, Dr. Bouaadam Rokia

Classical Shopping VS Modern Shopping Malls: Complimentarity or Rivalry? Constantine’s Case


The Recent Extensions of the Town of Jijel : Aspects, Factors, and Impacts

Dr. BOUGASSA Abdelhafid

Legal Nature Effect of Real Estate on the Vacant Pockets in Aris City

Khemri Souhila, Dib Belkacem

An Effort to Reveal the Characteristics of the Urban System in Batna, Algeria for the Period (1998-2020)

Nacer Fethi

The Integration of Historical Heritage in the Process of Tourism Development: Case of Old Mila

Khadidja DJABER, Djamel DEKOUMI

Analytical Study of Pyramidal Hierarchy of Urban Centers Case Study the Wilaya of Constantine

Dr. Saida Bahi, Dr. Dalal Farid, Pr. Ahmed Bousmaha

Transformations between Design and Implementation in a Participatory Housing Estate: Case Study Al-Mostakbal Housing Estate in the City of Biskra

BENAISSA Nadjette, ALKAMA Djamel, Ahriz Atef

Urban Interventions between Temporality, Spatiality, Heritage, and Perception of the Inhabitants: The Case of the City Centre of Constantine and its Surroundings


The Influence of Microclimate Parameters on the Outdoor Thermal Comfort in a Coastal City Annaba City, Algeria, as a Case Study

Boussaidi Karima, Djaghrouri Djamila, Benabbas Moussadek

Urban Dynamic and Environmental Stakes Monitoring Socioeconomic Drought, Google Earth Engine Approach: The Case of Bordj Bou Arreridj City

Khelili Abdelghani, Bouhata Rabah, Anoune Noureddine

Flow Modeling Test and Flood Risks in the North-East Piedmont of Aureas: A Geosystem Approach

Fairouz MEHEMAI, Mahdi KALLA , Hadda DRIDI

Social Change Mechanisms and the Role of Media in Promoting the Citizenship Among the Urban Residents in Algeria

Dr. Athmane AZIZI, Dr. Saida BAHI

The Relationship between Inhabitants’ Sense of Belonging and their Residency Period, Former Place of Residing and Housing Tenure in Ali Mendjeli New Town (Constantine-Algeria)


Dialectic Between Architecture and Water: An Analogy Among Bachelard Philosophy and Eliade Theory

Hichem CHAIB

The Economic Territories of Constantine’s Metropolis: Issues and Prospects


Impact of Form on the Energy Performance of Buildings: A Contribution to Sustainable Buildings in Hot and Dry Climates

ZEROUAL Daoud, BOURBIA Fatiha, FEZZAI Soufiane, AHRIZ Atef, BELARBI Lakhdare

Mathematics at the Service of Discourse Analysis: The Case of the Political Discourse of President Abdelmadjid Tebboune

Dr. HASSANI Rima Aida, Dr. GHAMRI Sara, Dr. BOUKHENNOUFA Noudjoud