International Journal of Innovative Studies in Sociology and Humanities

ISSN : 2456-4931

Volume -7 Issue-8

The Quality of the Living Environment of a Site: One of The Vectors of Territorial Attractiveness - Case of the Urban Pole Draa Erich, Annaba

Marwa ZEMOULI, Bernia Zehioua HECHAM

Urban Management Tools as a Contributor in the Preservation of Urban and Architectural Heritage, Case of The City of Tebessa (Algeria)

Sami Brahmi, Atef Ahriz

Rental Housing Valuation for AADL Agency after Exploitation in Algeria

FELOUSSIA Lahcene, HADJI Abdelkader

Towards a Diachronic Reading of the Ancient Théveste (Tébessa-Algeria-) in the Roman, Vandal and Byzantine Eras, in Order to Understand its Historic Center and its Archaeological Heritage

Hamdi Pacha Abdelkrim, Dr. Guenadez Zineddine

The Railway Station as a Contributing Element in the Colonial City Design and Landscape: Investigating the Algiers Railway Station Project

KEBBOUR Akram, Dr. BOUZAHER Soumia, Pr. ALKAMA Djamel