International Journal of Innovative Studies in Sociology and Humanities

ISSN : 2456-4931

Volume -7 Issue-5

Rural Housing Programs as a Panacea for Rural Exodus in Algeria, Case of El Khroub’s Municipality

Dr. Malika LARGAT, Dr. Dalal FARID, Dr. Saif Eddine CHETTAH

Towards an Alternative Strategy to Rehousing for the Resorption of Slums in Algeria

Dr. BOUSSOUF Mouatez Billah, Dr. BOUDJADJA Rafik

Environmental Impact of the Industrial Activity on Air Quality: Global Visualization on Research Progress

Samia Rebouh, Dr. Ahcene Lakehal, Amel Benzaoui

Evaluation of the Operation to Replace Prefabricated Chalets, Through Citizen Participation, in a Process of Residentialization of the Transit City El Gammas, in Constantine, Algeria


Global Visualized Analysis of Research on Sustainable Urbanization in Developing Countries

Amel Benzaoui, Mohamed Cherif Adad