International Journal of Innovative Studies in Sociology and Humanities

ISSN : 2456-4931

Volume-8 Issue-1

Evaluating the Impact of Major Road Axes on Urban Sprawl: The Case of Road Axes 03 and 28 (AïnYagout – Batna – Barika), Algeria

GAOUAS Mostefa, Hafid Layeb

Architectural Types and the Impact of Urbanism Laws on the Urban Landscape: Case Study of Batna City – Algeria

Boudraa Hocem eddine, Pr. Dib Belkacem

Social Mobilization to Prevent Floods and Runoffs in the City of Batna, North-Eastern Algeria

Faicel Tout, Azzedine Ghachi

Evaluation of the Evolutionary Housing Experience in the City of Souk Ahras (Algeria)

Dr. HESSAINIA Taki eddine

The Impact of Industrial Zones on the Environment: The Case of the “Naftal” Establishment Constantine

Bensalhia Nahla, Prof. Ahcene Benmissi

Urban Planning Violations in the Planned Districts: The Case of the District of 120 Dwellings in the City of Tebessa, Algeria

Dr. ALi. Hadjela, kheireddine. Menacer

Evaluation of Hygrothermal Environments in Traditional Houses with Patio: Case of an Old Mediterranean City

Besma Louze, Meriama Bencherif

Problem of Tourism Lands in Algeria: Case of the Expansion Zones and the Tourist Site in the Wilaya of Constantine

BOUFENARA Fatima, Pr. GHANEM Abdelghani

Assessment of the Thermal Well being of Collective Residential Buildings: A Case Study from Annaba, Algeria

Saifi Amel, Haridi Fatma Zohra, Bouttout Abdelouahab

Integration of a Geodecisional Information System in the CATNAT Insurance Sector to Improve Urban Resilience to Flood Risk in the City of Batna (North East – Algeria)

Baala Fatima, Kalla Mahdi

Contribution of Remote Sensing in the Diachronic Monitoring and Analysis of the Urban Sprawl Phenomenon of Setif City (North-East Algeria)

Akila Melal, Rabah Bouhata, Yahyaoui Habibi

Spatial Analysis of Risk Factors of Hospitalization and Death by Covid 19, Case Study: Oued Abdi Valley (Eastern Algeria)

Baziz Nafissa, Merdassi Abdelmoumene, Baziz Fouad

Effects of Vegetation Shading on Thermal Performance, Towards Sustainability in the Case of an Arid and Dry Area: A Plot In Biskra University Campus as a Case Study

Roumaissa AFREN, Djamila DJAGHROURI, Djemaa BARROU, Moussadek BENABBAS

Urban Transformations and Environmental Impacts in the City of Bouni-Annaba Governorate

Drifi Naima, baazi houria

Assessment of the Sustainable Development in Urban Poles: The Case Study of the Urban Pole “Ain Abid” Constantine Province, Algeria


Impact of Tourism Investment on Natural and Urban Components in Activating Domestic Tourism: Case of Constantine (Algeria)


Monitoring and Evaluating the Progress of Land Use to Predict the Success of Future Lanusse Occupation Plans (LOP). An Approach for Future Urban Management: Case of Batna City-Algeria

Fatiha SAMAI, Amireche Hamza

Using a Deep Learning Method for the Detection of Buildings from a High Spatial Resolution Satellite Image

Messaadi Ibtissem, Redjem Sandra, Raham Djamel

Assessment of Groundwater Vulnerability using GOD Method

Baazi Houria, Drifi Naima

Environmental Policy and Land Use Planning in Algeria, Overview and Perspectives


Floods Simulation for Arid City Using GIS and HEC RAS: Case of M’chouneche South-East of Algeria


The Demographic and Functional Situation of the Primate City, Gafsa within the Network of Urban Centers of the Tunisian State Gafsa

Dr. TARTAR Nassima, Dr. TOUMI Fahmi

The Reality of Governance in Rural Communities: Case Study Gatherings: Boumaiza, Manzel El Abtal, Said Bousebaa, Kasaba Skikda State

Khelassi Wafia, Dr Cherrad Sallah eddine

The Commercial Structure and its Impact on the Cities’ Hierarchy of the Province(State-Town) of Mila

Bounaas Abdellah, lakhel Abdelouahabe

The Recreational Spaces and their Role in Consolidating the Tourism Culture: Model of the Mediterranean Garden in Oran (Algeria)

Sofiane SEKKOUM, Hadj Mohammed MAACHOU

Hierarchy of the Road Network for Smooth Traffic: Case of the City of Batna- Eastern Algeria


Evaluation of the Quality of Urban Life in the Urban Sectors of Cheria City, Tebessa Province, Algeria

Dr. TOUMI Fahmi, Dr.TARTAR Nassima, Dr. DAIRA Salah

Study of the Functional Service Impact on the City’s Urban Landscape: Case Study of Batna City-Algeria

Abdelkrim Soufyane, Pr. Dib Belkacem

Tourism for Algeria: An Essential Engine of Economic Development

Manelle Bouchemal, Salah Chaouche

Post-Independence Real Estate Development and its Relationship with Local Development in Algeria

Dr. Hichem BOUDIAF

Assessment of Quality of Use in Collective Housings, Case Study: Collective Housing of Social Formula, 700 Dwellings, Khenchela City, Algeria

Ansar Ahmed Mounir, Adad Mohamed Cherif, Hamdaoui Abdeldjalil

The Application of Some Areas of Management and the Evaluation of the Performance of the Company Cosider Travaux Public Case Study: The New Single Track Railway Line Boughezoul / Msila 151 Km

Dr. BERNOU Randa, Bouharrati Khayr Eddine

Real Estate Production, Residential Mobility and Unprecedented Socio-Spatial Reconfigurations :The Case of the Annabi Metropolitan Area


The Phenomenon of Desertification: Causes, Consequences and Control Solutions: The Case of the El-Outaya Area in Biskra (Algeria)

Dr. Bouchama lydia

The Impact of New Information and Communication Technologies on the Development of Constantine City for a Smart City: The Case of Household and Similar Waste Management


The Integration of Children’s Participation Mechanisms in the Design of City Spaces


Representations of Culture, Cultural Diversity and Intercultural Competence of Teachers and their Influence on their Teaching Practices

Dr. Salah LAADJAL, Dr. Salah DAIRA

The Reality of Urban Heritage in the Aures Region: The Case of the Old Dachra in the Town of Menaa (Batna Province, Eastern Algeria)

Dr. Hamdi Djamel Abdenacer, Dr. Merdassi Abdelmoumene

Decentralisation and City Diplomacy as an Alternative in the Development of Border Regions: Case Study-Debdab-Algeria

Dr. Djafar Djeffal, Mr. Aziz Laleg

Exploring Relationship between Urban Renewal and Stakeholder Engagement: Bibliometric Analysis

Khedidja Chouabbia, Dr. Rachid Slimani, Dr. Ouafa Saighi, Pr. Souad Sassi Boudemagh

Built Environment Principles for Achieving Intimacy in Traditional Cities of Algeria

Kedissa Chahrazed, Mezhoud Lamia

Water Between Scarcity and Floods, and the Impact of Natural and Human Factors: The Case of the City of Tebessa - Algeria


Application of the Qualitative Method to the Study of Landslides in the Wilaya of Mila North-East Algeria

MEZHOUD Lamia, KEDISSA Chahrazed, BENAZZOUZ Mohamed Tahar

The Impact of Urban Expansion on the Conurbation of Cities, Planning and Management Strategies for an Urban Agglomeration Project: Case of Batna City-Algeria

Bibimoune walid, Pr. Dib Belkacem

Depression in Cancer Patients: Diagnostics, Screening and Treatment


Giving Meaning to the Urbanity through Urban Practices: Case of the City of Constantine, Algeria

BENSAKHRIA karima, Pr. ROUAG Djamila

The Problem of Urban Development in the Steppe Regions: Case of the Wilaya of Djelfa

Guehguih Salhi Abdelhafid, Ghanem Abdelghani

Influence of Masonry Panels on Seismic Performance of Reinforced Concrete Buildings

Abla. Chertout ,Pr. Nabil. Djebbar

Environmental Quality in Rural Dwellings: Case of Tébessa’s Region

Abderrahmane Tahar Amine, Adad Mohamed Cherif

“Spatio-Temporal” Reading: The Great Constantine (Algeria)Through Time

Radja Maya Bourahli, Meriama Bencherif

The Old City of Mila (Algeria): A Heritage in Distress


The Transport of Freight in Urban Areas (Case of Bejaia)


From Urban Security to Residentialization: Historical Milestones and Evolution

Sidi Salah Zehour, Aiche Messaoud